The human imagination is boundless, including the imagination of criminals. Within a short time, crime can cost your business enough to adversely affect your bottom line.

When a fraudulent act causes your firm to sustain a financial loss, we have a coverage that you can rely on. Employee fraud costs companies a surprisingly large percentage of their gross revenues. With some schemes spanning years, the results can be devastating to a company's operations and its financial results.

Great American has been writing Mercantile Crime coverage since 1995. In that time period we have grown to become the fifth largest writer of Fidelity in the U.S. (according to the 2010 rankings of the SFAA). At $50 million, Great American Insurance Company holds one of the largest capacities offered of any U.S. domestic underwriter for this line of insurance.

Mercantile Crime coverage offers protection against direct loss due to fraud for all commercial and industrial companies whether public, private or nonprofit. These include, but are not limited to, companies in the fields of manufacturing, wholesale sales, retail sales, distributors, agricultural, mining, oil and gas, timber, livestock, automotive and trucking, service companies, professional organizations, professional corporations, educational entities of all levels, health care companies, charitable and religious organizations and industry groups. Our policyholders range from small local companies to Fortune 500 multinational corporations, with our participation in programs being on a primary or excess basis.

Writing our coverages on both SFAA and ISO forms, we protect against fraud perpetrated by both employees and officers of a firm, and individuals from outside the company. Our insuring agreements include employee dishonesty and theft, outgoing forgery, inside the premises including Burglary, outside the premises including robbery and theft, counterfeit currency, computer fraud involving any computer, funds transfer fraud, involving loss from fraudulent instructions in any form, credit card forgery on company card transactions, clients’ property coverage for losses to a company’s clients due to dishonest acts by a company’s employees, and investigative expenses incurred to establish the size and existence of a loss.

In addition to writing coverage on admitted paper in the U.S., we are licensed to write coverages in Canada.

Unlike some of our competitors, we also help our insureds avoid potential claims by offering services that will enable them to review their operations, identify their exposures and implement procedures and controls that will reduce the likelihood or extent of fraud losses. We have a long-term relationship with Lowers & Associates, a security advisory company that offers internal controls and procedural reviews, computer security analysis, confidential hotlines and background screening systems for new and existing employees.

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