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Five Steps to Taking Control of Your Organization’s Property Insurance

As a leader of your organization, you would never intentionally put your business’s ability to provide services to its client base at risk, and yet, failing to adequately value your insured assets does just that.

Thu Jul 19, 2018

Do You Understand the Concepts, Terms and Conditions in Your Insurance Contract?

There are terms and conditions in a policy that could leave your organization exposed if not properly understood, or even worse, penalize your settlement after a loss.

Thu Jul 19, 2018

Are You Appropriately Valuing Your Property?

Accurate property valuation is essential to your insurance policy. To confirm you’re correctly calculating its worth, make sure you’re using the appropriate tools.

Thu Jul 19, 2018

Are Your Renewal Policies Complacently Bound without Change Considerations in Your Property Values?

Renewing property “as is” compounds over time. You might think that property insurance premiums or property limits should never go up – especially if you did not have a loss. This is a misconception.

Thu Jul 19, 2018