When an organization uses technology or the Internet, it is exposed to certain risks not covered under a typical General Liability insurance policy. In fact, most GL policies don’t cover activities associated with website publishing or network security. Because of this, we offer coverage to address known cyber risk exposures. Coverage highlights include:

  • Limits up to $1 million for each of eight insuring agreements subject to a policy aggregate limit of insurance
  • Claims made with defense within limits
  • $2,500 deductible or higher
  • Broad definition of personal information
  • Covers reasonable notification expense for security breaches
  • Covers data entrusted to third parties and hard copy breach of personal information

The product’s eight insurance agreements include:

  • Website publishing liability – Applies to liability for wrongful acts associated with the content posted to a website or social media page.
  • Security breach liability and regulatory proceeding expense sublimit – Pays for loss and defense expenses for which a client becomes legally obligated to pay, or regulatory proceeding defense expenses.
  • Programming errors or omissions liability – Pays for loss and defense expenses if an organization discloses its clients’ personal information due to actual or alleged programming errors or omissions.
  • Replacement or restoration of electronic data – Covers costs to replace or restore electronic data or programs damaged or destroyed by an e-commerce incident.
  • Extortion threats – Provides coverage for the reimbursement of extortion expenses and ransom payments incurred as a direct result of cyber extortion threat.
  • Business income and extra expense – Pays for loss due to a business interruption directly from an e-commerce incident that interrupts online revenues or donations.
  • Public relations expense – Pays for loss due to negative publicity resulting directly from an e-commerce event or security breach of personal information.
  • Security breach expense – Pays for expenses resulting directly from a security breach.

Help to manage your cyber crisis

Great American is pleased to provide your client access to the eRiskHub® portal, powered by NetDiligence®.

Respond and recover quickly with eRiskHub. eRiskHub provides tools and resources to help you and your client:

  • Understand cyber related exposures
  • Incorporate Cyber Risk Insurance into the client’s response plan
  • Minimize the effects of a breach on your organization

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