Individual Supplemental Involuntary Unemployment Insurance

Great American offers exclusive supplemental unemployment programs that help individuals maintain financial stability in the event of involuntary job loss.

It can be difficult for unemployed workers to meet basic living expenses and financial obligations such as tuition and mortgage payments. While governmental programs in the U.S. and Canada were designed to replace roughly half of an unemployed worker’s income, the weekly benefits under these programs are capped at a fixed dollar amount. Due to these benefit caps, such programs do not provide the same level of income replacement for middle to upper income workers when they are unemployed. Our programs close this gap so that unemployed workers are better able to meet short-term financial obligations while seeking reemployment -- without exhausting personal and retirement savings.

In Canada:
Supplemental Employment Insurance – SalaryGuard®
Coming in 2018. SalaryGuard is an exclusive Canadian program that protects individuals against involuntary unemployment. This program, in conjunction with regular Canadian Employment Insurance, replaces 55% of insured’s former salary.

Nonprofit Unemployment Risk Management Programs

U.S. federal law allows 501(c)(3) nonprofit employers to opt out of paying unemployment taxes into its state unemployment insurance pool. Instead, these employers can reimburse their state for any unemployment benefits they may incur. For many nonprofit organizations, this yields annual cost savings in excess of 30% when handled with appropriate risk management services.

In conjunction with the 501(c) Agencies Trust and 501(c) Services, our nonprofit unemployment administration and risk management solutions are tailored to meet the needs of the employer.

Visit 501(c) Agencies Trust for more information or to receive a program cost indication or quote.